Benefits of Eliminating Eggs from the Diet

While eggs are great sources of protein and a staple in many diets, they are not ideal for everyone. In fact, some people will find that their quality of life improves greatly once they are eliminated from their lives. Here are some of the advantages that can result when the individual makes a conscious decision to avoid eggs at home and when eating out.

Allergies Fade Away

There is more scientific evidence related to food allergies today than at any time in the past. Adverse reactions to different foods can range from feeling slightly sluggish after consumption to experiencing respiratory issues that are life threatening. It is not unusual for medical professionals to place patients on an elimination diet in order to determine what food is causing the issue. For those who find that consuming any food containing eggs, making this discovery is the first step toward enjoying a higher standard of health.

Avoiding Cholesterol Consumption

High levels of bad cholesterol are a problem for many people. In order to get their numbers back in a safe range, it pays to take a good look at the diet. Opting to replace eggs with alternatives is one way to reduce the amount of cholesterol that is ingested every day. While this method does not eliminate the need for regular exercise that helps to lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol levels, it will help.

Boosting Nutritional Intake

Food is not just about taste. It also provides the body with the nutrients needed to remain healthy. It is not unusual for packaged foods that are free of eggs to contain a wider range of nutrients. Using them means still enjoying tasty food while getting more of the vitamins and minerals needed.

Keep in mind that since so many products contain eggs as an ingredient, it will take more than banishing eggs from the home. Spend some time reading the labels of different frozen entrees and the condiments used regularly. Jettisoning anything with eggs listed in the ingredients and purchasing alternatives like egg-free Just Mayo make it possible to keep enjoying many of those favorite recipes without taking in anything that causes distress. Try some of these alternatives today and see how they work. Once the switch is made and the results are obvious, there will never be a reason to go back to eggs again.

These Sustainable Cookies from Hampton Creek Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

More and more people realize that how they live will affect the future for their children and the world around them. Because of this, when it comes to food, they want to find the healthiest and most sustainable meals, made from foods that are truly delicious. One of the food technology companies that is seeking to meet this need is hampton Creek. Based in San Francisco, California, they first surprised the food industry with Just Mayo, an egg-free alternative to traditional mayonnaise. It was so successful that the company has now turned to other products, one of which will especially be of interest to the whole family: Just Cookies.

Traditionally, cookies have often contained eggs and butter, but concerns have been raised about how sustainable these products are. The amount of resources that are consumed by domestic chickens and cows for these animals to stay healthy and produce eggs and milk is substantial. Similarly, more resources are used afterward to process the eggs and turn the milk into butter. If a cookie was made that did not contain eggs or butter, it could help make a more sustainable dessert, saving valuable resources and protecting the environment. A cookie like this would have to be made from plant products that require fewer resources to grow, making it also cost less. Then families could rely on these cookies to fit into their sustainable lifestyle while saving money as well. That is the role that Just Cookies can fill.

The benefits of Just Cookies don’t stop there. Both eggs and butter are ingredients that contain cholesterol, which could potentially contribute to someone developing a problem with high cholesterol. A cookie that is free of cholesterol can help people keep their cholesterol at a healthy level while still enjoying the foods that they love. In addition to this, some people are allergic to eggs, and a cookie with no eggs in it is perfect for them. Any food technology that allows everyone to aim for better health is worthy of notice, especially if there is no loss when it comes to taste. With Just Cookies being praised by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and others, it is clear that they can be delicious, as well as healthy and sustainable.

An Organic And Healthy Drink Alternative

Many find it the easiest to drink their way to good health. They create healthy smoothies each morning that are packed with vitamins and nutrients and this begins the day with a good start. There is a way to make this healthy drink even more potent. By adding a teaspoon of organic green tea matcha to a smoothie, one can enjoy vital nutrients, antioxidants, chlorophyll and fiber benefits as well. Matcha comes in powder form and it is very easy to blend in with a beverage. It is completely organic, gluten-free, kosher and sugar-free. Many love the fact that they receive so many great benefits from adding this to their morning routine.

This particular green tea is grown in the shade in order to keep the nutrients intact. The entire leaf is used and it is ground into a fine powder. It provides a steady stream of energy without any annoying side effects such as the jitters. In addition to providing energy, it can help to improve clarity and focus. This helps the user to get much more accomplished throughout the day. Many people try to lose weight and fail due to a slow metabolism. Matcha provides a boost to the metabolism, which allows one to burn calories at a much faster rate. This is the key to successful weight loss.

Antioxidants are well known for the fact that they help cells to repair against free radicals. Matcha is packed with antioxidants, in fact there are 137 times more antioxidants in the powder than what is found in a cup of brewed tea. Antioxidants also help to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. They can also help to prevent many different age-related diseases. It is definitely something that needs to be added to a healthy diet regimen.

Convenience is something that everyone looks for because time is such a valuable asset. Many love the convenience of simply adding a teaspoon of matcha to their morning beverage in order to fully enjoy all of the benefits daily. It can most definitely make a huge difference in health and it is extremely good for the body as well.

How Hampton Creek Got Its Great Reputation

From its start in 2011, Hampton Creek has been steadily making a name for itself in the food industry. The company’s goal is simple yet bold: To revolutionize food production by relying entirely upon the best plant-based ingredients. By utilizing the most advanced food technology, Hampton Creek is already attaining this goal with successful products such as Just Mayo, a mayonnaise substitute that contains no eggs. It has since been continuing to release more products which are likely to see similar success. Hampton Creek’s passionate dedication to plant-based foods has not wavered in the years since the company’s founding, which is winning over many in the food industry. Vegans and other consumers who appreciate the health attributes of a plant-based diet have been adding to Hampton Creek’s excellent reputation as well.

Notably, Hampton Creek did not have any difficulty in finding investors who were willing to help the company get its start. More investors have continued to partner with the company due to believing in its vision and being unable to deny the potential of such an innovative force in the food industry. Hampton Creek has collected more than $120 million from investors, which has been an important part of bringing about the company’s success and rapid growth.

Already Hampton Creek foods are making their way into stores such as Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. Just Cookies, for example, is a popular product that is contributing to the company’s success. People enjoy being able to purchase a tasty dessert that is completely vegan, since it contains no animal products such as milk or eggs. Customers also appreciate that plant-based foods are more sustainable, making them a more environmentally friendly choice. One of the biggest signs of Hampton Creek’s good reputation is that the Compass Group, a big catering company, has decided to exclusively use its cookies instead of traditional chocolate chip cookies. If the cookies were not good, Compass Group’s business could have been harmed by such a decision.

As Hampton Creek continues to release many new products in 2016, their great reputation seems certain to last. The company is growing quickly, with foods making it onto more and more shelves. Soon a larger number of people will be able to try the products for themselves and see what Hampton Creek is all about.

Factors to Consider When Trying to Find the Right Health Food Supplier

Losing weight is something that most people know they need to do, but have a very hard time with. In order for a person to lose weight, they will need to make some lifestyle changes. Eating healthy is the cornerstone of any diet and something that a person will have to work on. Shopping for healthier foods can be made a lot easier by finding the right supplier. Usually, there will be a variety of different health food stores in an area and finding the right one will take some time and effort. Below are some of the things that have to be considered when trying to find the right health food supplier.

The Selection of Products

Finding a supplier that has a variety of healthy products in stock is important. The more selection a shopper has, the easier it will be for them to get what they need. The best way to figure out which of the stores in an area have the inventory needed is by visiting each one. While this will take some time and effort, it will be more than worth it. Without this type of firsthand information, it will be nearly impossible to make the right decision on which supplier to use.

Getting a Good Deal

Shopping for healthier foods is a bit more expensive. This means that a shopper will need to take the time to figure out where they can get the best deal. Taking time to look online for coupons is a good way to reduce the price of a grocery bill. Many health food suppliers will run specials on occasion, which is a great way for a person to stock up on the foods they love without having to spend a lot of money in the process. Staying up to date on the sales in local grocery stores is the best way to get the deals a person is looking for.

Choosing a grocer that stocks great products made by hampton Creek is beneficial. The plant based products made by this company are delicious and healthy. Visit their website to get a breakdown of what they offer.

Healthy Green Tea Provides Many Benefits

Everyone knows that green tea provides many health benefits. A special green tea powder called matcha provides even more benefits because the entire leaf is used to create this potent powder. It contains vital nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and offers many great benefits. It is easy to use because the powder can be added to almost any morning beverage, yogurt, oatmeal, in baked muffins and more. One teaspoon of powder has 137 times the number of antioxidants found in a cup of brewed, green tea. This means that it provides more benefits, and more nutrients needed by the body. Kiss Me Organics matcha green tea powder is a trusted brand that can be bought on Amazon.

The first benefit that most people notice is an increase in energy. This helps them to get more accomplished each day. It is a steady energy that lasts about six hours. There are no side effects such as a nervous or jittery feeling. This natural product is great for the body and helps it to work more efficiently. It also offers improved focus and concentration. This is especially helpful for those who work at a fast-paced job. In addition to these benefits, matcha also helps to strengthen a weakened immune system.

Losing weight is difficult for many people. This could be due to a sluggish metabolic rate This powder helps to give metabolism a much-needed boost, allowing the body to burn calories and stored fat more effectively. This is very helpful for those who are trying to shed some weight. Since it is high in antioxidants, it helps cells to repair themselves from damage caused by free radicals. It can also help to prevent many age related diseases. Many notice an improvement in their skin and hair.

Amazon sells this powder for around $25.00 for a one month supply. They often run sales and special offers that help their customers save even more money. This online retailer offers a generous return policy should a customer be displeased with any product. There is no risk involved to try the product. Many are amazed by the number of benefits they now enjoy as a direct result of using the powder daily.

The Benefits of Having the Right Slow Cooker

For decades, having a slow cooker has been the answer to preparing healthy meals in mere minutes. Even those with little knowledge about cooking can make a tasty meal in a quality slow cooker. Consider the benefits of having the right slow cooker in your kitchen.

Minimal Preparation Time

It can take a half hour or longer to prepare a meal. Then waiting for it to cook can take even longer. In today’s fast-paced world, many people do not have time to devote to making home-cooked meals every night. However, cooking at home is often the most affordable and healthy choice. A slow cooker makes it easy to prepare good meals in just minutes. Simply put a the ingredients in the slow cooker, let them simmer for hours and have a wonderful dinner waiting for you at the end of the day.

Little Cooking Experience Is Required

Even those who have never cooked before can successfully make a meal in a slow cooker. By combining a few key ingredients, you can create an mouthwatering meal. Mix a liquid such as water or gravy with seasonings, meat and vegetables then watch them turn into a flavorful dish. Once you have a little experience, you can try different ingredients and figure out your favorite choices. The possibilities are unlimited including soups, roasts and more.

No More Fast Food

All you have to do is take a few minutes in the morning to prepare a fantastic dinner that will be ready when you get home. Even if you work overtime, the food will continue to simmer in the slow cooker until you get back. The days of spending money on fast food are over. Now you can always have a fresh meal waiting for your family at the end of the day. It is the ultimate way to ensure everyone makes healthier choices without breaking the bank.

To find out more about the right slow cooker for your needs, visit Read reviews about leading slow cookers and learn how to use them to make meals you are sure to fall in love with.