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Simple Tricks to Make the Girls Fall for You Girls are likely to have different sets of likes and dislikes. So before you attempt to make the girl like you, you will have to consider a variety of things. Some men find it very difficult to score with the girls, but there is definitely no harm in trying it out. You may be already aware of some of the points that are listed here. But when you practice them as a combination, you will find the scenario changing fast. Cleanliness Personal hygiene is of utmost importance to the girls. Bad breath, sweat odor, and nasty smelling deodorants are a strict no. The males who are neatly dressed and have fresh look on their faces, score well with the girls.
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Speak to her
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Until and unless you are a Casanova, you will have to start the conversation with the girl. After the initial introductions the conversation may seem a bit difficult, but you can get around it by talking about the hobbies and interests that you may have in common. You will soon notice if she is receptive and interested in talking to you. Only by becoming friends you can get close to each other. Have your work routine Girls like attention, but not sticky males. They want to have their own privacy and also a lot of time for themselves. Maintain your work-life balance by focusing on your interests, hobbies, studies and life targets. Give the girl the time but never exceed the limit. This balancing act will make the girl attracted to you and she would long for your company. Socializing The girls look forward to the company of family and friends. Also they get a chance to dress and showcase their accessories and new perfumes. Though you will be there along with her, yet she will be happy to have plenty of other people to talk to and have fun. You can increase your brownie points by talking to her family and friends. Have a standing for yourself You have to show to the girl that you are Mr dependable. She will go in for you, the moment she knows that you want to achieve something in life. The guys who want to be entrapped in dull work routines are not liked. If you are able to show how you lead the projects, or drive the audience wild with your expertise on the drums, she is definitely going to love it. The girls feel secure in the company of men who have the right leadership qualities.