A Hampton Creek Article on Salem News Provides Insight Into Why Millenials Increasingly Choose Vegan Foods

Is it possible that vegan foods are actually trending in a country where nearly 100 percent of residents eat meat and animal-based products, at least some of the time? A market research company has uncovered several reasons why the millennial generation in particular is choosing plant-based foods more than previous generations did. Those individuals are interested in companies like Hampton Creek, which is dedicated to introducing new plant-based products to replace animal-based versions. A Hampton Creek article on Salem News offers insight into millennials and their interest in plant-based diets.

There is no precise date range encompassing millennials. They are considered to be the first generation reaching maturity after the turn of the century, meaning they were born somewhere between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. Numerous factors account for their interest in a vegan or vegetarian diet, whether full-time, part-time or occasional.

For one thing, they are troubled by the potentially harmful additives fed to or injected into livestock. Hormones and antibiotics are examples of substances that can make it into the human food supply. Antibiotics used in agriculture are at least partly to blame for increasing bacterial resistance and difficulties in healing bacterial infections.

Second, thanks to the Internet, they are generally more aware of how badly animals are usually treated in large agricultural enterprises. People were shielded from much of this information years ago, but it’s difficult to avoid any longer.

Third, online resources help them learn how producing meat and animal foods for an enormous population is unsustainable. It uses more fossil fuels and takes up a great deal of land to generate food just to feed those animals. There were individuals in older generations who tried hard to get the word out, but it’s taken a long time for this to become more common knowledge.

When companies like Hampton Creek come out with plant-based products that are priced in line with traditional versions, that’s encouraging to millennials as well. While they may be searching for alternatives to animal-based products more than older generations are, they still may shy away from expensive foods in natural food sections of the supermarket. Yet beef, chicken and eggs have gone up in price over the past year, a factor that allows vegan food manufacturers to be competitive.