A Plant-Based Diet May Protect Against Autoimmune Diseases

A study published in the journal Nutrients in 2013 noted that an entirely plant-based diet can protect against autoimmune diseases. That’s important information for individuals who have autoimmune diseases in the family history. Multiple sclerosis and lupus, for instance, have genetic aspects and can run in families. When beginning the journey to eliminating animal products from the diet, people might want to read an informative article about Hampton Creek as part of the learning process. This company is dedicated to producing plant-based convenience foods that traditionally contain eggs, dairy products or meat. Their mayonnaise alternative, called Just Mayo, is a good place to begin for people who love the sandwich spread and hate the idea of giving it up.

With Just Mayo, people can learn how to make vegetarian salads that they are accustomed to making with meat. Tempeh, for instance, can be a good substitute for tuna. A few companies make vegetarian “chicken” patties that taste a great deal like chicken. A faux chicken salad can be made with those cooked and chopped patties combined with Just Mayo, chopped celery and onion, pimento and perhaps some soy bacon bits. Including meat substitutes in the diet and convenience foods that don’t contain animal products, people have an easier time getting over the hurdle of going vegan. For example, Hampton Creek plans to release an egg substitute known as Just Scramble this year. It pours from a container into the pan and cooks up just like scrambled eggs.

Some individuals, including some naturopathic doctors, believe that a vegan diet can even cure autoimmune diseases or at least reduce their symptoms. Research is scant on that topic, and it’s advisable for people not to count on that type of result. Nevertheless, since plant-based diets can be very healthy when done in a thoughtful manner, eliminating all animal products from the diet for several months can be worth a try. People need to make sure they get enough of the essential nutrients that they would typically obtain through meat, dairy products and eggs. For instance, they must figure out how to obtain enough calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Vegan supplements are available for individuals who are concerned they may be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.