A Store Where Shoppers Can Find New Hampton Creek Salad Dressings

Where can somebody find Hampton Creek’s new supermarket products? Many consumers have already taken a liking to the company’s mayonnaise alternative, Just Mayo, and its chocolate chip cookie dough, aptly called Just Cookie Dough. The organization has been promising to release new products, but only a handful are on store shelves so far. Hampton Creek needed to pay attention to the big contracts it scored with Compass Food Group and the 7-Eleven convenience store chain, which may have led to a delay in releasing salad dressings and other items to grocery stores. Customers can start looking for those items now in their favorite brick-and-mortar stores and at online retailers.

People who have a Target store in their area are lucky, as they’ll be able to find some of the salad dressings, as well as a new light version of Just Mayo. Target also sells these items online. Sweet mustard, Italian and Thousand Island flavors are available now. Customers should look for a dressing called “Just Thousand” without the extra word “Island.” Since Hampton Creek got in a bit of a squeeze over whether or not it could call its sandwich spread Just Mayo, that’s likely why it dropped part of the salad dressing’s traditional name. Food giant Unilever and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration didn’t take too kindly to the implication that an egg-free sandwich spread could technically be mayonnaise, or, as people commonly call it, mayo. Hampton Creek won that skirmish without too much trouble, but probably wants to avoid similar problems in the future. Thousand Island dressing has historically included real mayonnaise, an ingredient Hampton Creek’s version does not include.

Some new salad dressings and sauces based on the Just Mayo formula also can be purchased at this store. People who like an Asian flair to their salads will like the Wasabi brand and the sesame ginger version. How about truffle mayo salad dressing? That’s sure to sound intriguing to people who enjoy eating these tasty mushrooms. It’s a good thing that spring has arrived and people are harvesting vegetables with which to make big bowls of salad. They’ll have numerous new toppings from Hampton Creek to try.