A Vegan’s Guide to Italian Food

Because Italian food is often associated with pepperoni pizza, spaghetti with meatballs, and lasagna that is filled with cheese, it may not seem to be a kind of food vegans would generally choose to eat. Yet, with a bit of creativity, there are actually many Italian favorites that can be enjoyed by those who adhere to a vegan diet. Carefully preparing the ingredients at home, while also bringing in some vegan-friendly products such as Hampton Creek’s Just Italian Dressings, will allow people to have the Italian foods that they are longing for.

The Appetizer

It is common with Italian meals to have breadsticks as an appetizer. Some people may wish to pass on this particular food due to its high carb content. Others, however, are sure to want at least one breadstick to go with their meal. Breadsticks are often paired with a savory dipping sauce that uses butter as its base. It is easy, however, to use olive oil as the base for the sauce instead to keep the meal completely vegan.


Another popular food that goes with many Italian meals is a salad. The rich nutrients of a salad are an ideal way to accompany any meal. Whether spinach, lettuce, or another leafy green is used, most people are likely to want some kind of dressing to go on the salad. Hampton Creek, a company famous for its vegan alternatives, is releasing two different kinds of dressing. Either Just Italian or Just Ranch are excellent choices to enhance the flavor of any salad.

The Main Course

One of the Italian foods that is easy to make vegan is spaghetti. Simply abstain from adding any meat or Parmesan cheese to the dish. Some people, however, may wish to put in a meat substitute, such as tofu or mushrooms. By choosing a delicious sauce recipe that will pair up well with the noodles, the meal will be a success. A vegan pizza is simple to make as well. All it takes is a good crust and some tasty sauce with a variety of chopped ingredients sprinkled on top. Bake it and enjoy.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean going without Italian food. With some tweaks to the recipes and a little help from Hampton Creek, vegans can still have delightful Italian meals.