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Amazon Tours – How, When And Where It is a pretty simple thing to decide visiting the Amazon River however, it is the question of how, when and where you will visit there. There are many different ways for a traveller to visit this untouched rainforest and it is pretty overwhelming. As a matter of fact, this thing is true particularly for travellers who do things on their own rather than hiring a travel agency to do the job for them. In case that you know already that you wish to get closer and in person with the jungle creatures living in the Amazon similar to sloths, macaws, monkeys and the likes, here are a number of things that you have to learn before booking your trip. Deciding how you wish to go – booking in an Amazon lodge, staying in a town and take day trips to the river and last but not the least, taking a cruise are the three main ways on how you can see the Amazon Rainforest. In the latter, it’s basically the most luxurious and also, the most expensive one you could get. This tends to operate along the river so you can really explore the real beauty of it.
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On the other hand, a jungle lodge is another great option that you can take and you may opt for a number of luxurious tours to stay in the higher end lodge. There are also some affordable places that you can choose too if you are on a budget. Day trips is obviously the 3rd option and the least most popular. Yes it’s true that this is affordable however, the human civilization might scare the animals away, which could make the wildlife spotting to be less enjoyable.
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Deciding when you want to go – Amazon jungle is intense and it may become more overwhelming when rainy season sets in. But this is also the perfect time why it is called the Amazon Rainforest. During this season, the river is much higher than normal, almost everything is muddy that causes the bugs to come out of their place. On the other hand, you can still enjoy this time of the year by bringing proper equipment similar to lightweight rain jackets, bug spray and boots. Deciding where has to go – the Amazon Rainforest is so enormous to the point that it could be visited from a lot of different countries. However, Brazil and Peru are the two most well known places for visiting it. If you wish to experience the Amazon River firsthand, then consider visiting the Northern part of Peru and Brazil.