Changing the Way Healthy Food is Made

The world is obsessed with eating right, and that is completely natural. A healthy diet is a serious contributor to overall health, longevity, and quality of living. So, why is it so hard for people to make good eating decisions in their lives? There are a number of reasons that it is difficult for people to eat the way that they should. Eating the right way is hard, because high quality food costs more money. Making the right food choices is also difficult when people have to figure out on their own what is good for them. Hampton Creek doesn’t think that eating well should be so much trouble, but they do have a theory about why it is.

Despite what mass media might suggest, eating well in this country is a bit of a privilege. Americans have built a culture out of crafting unhealthy foods over the past few generations. Everything from microwave TV dinners to shows glorifying eating contests participate in that unhealthy culture. For many years, it simply came down to people believing that more was better for them. Hardworking people proved that they could provide for their families by filling their children’s bellies. This has led to people eating cheap, over processed food.

It tastes good, though. Shouldn’t it taste good? Yes, the taste is what people fall in love with to begin with. However, eating tasty food is not the same as eating well. People who grow up eating these foods tend to have a harder time identifying healthier options. Learning about nutrition takes time and work. On top of that, healthier options can tend to feel insubstantial to people trying to kick old dietary habits.

There is a rather simple solution to this, one company believes. At the core, the problem is the way that the system has been rigged. For generations America has moved towards making foods endlessly more convenient. The price of this has been a complete sacrifice of quality and nutrition. How can this be fixed? Make nutritious options the easy decision to make. That is the mission, to make eating well so simple and affordable that people don’t even have to think about it. Click here to find out how they plan to make it work.