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Cherries and Their Positive Effects on Your Health Many people know just how delicious cherries are, but did you know that they can also control or relieve pain, stop premature aging and make you live long? Eating cherries in winter could be costly and challenging, but as soon as you know what the fruit does to your health, you surely won’t mind. Fighting Cancer and Other Diseases As with many other berries, cherries are a powerhouse of antioxidants. They help in the prevention and repair of cell damage caused by free radicals. This means cherries can subdue those free radicals before they can harm your body.
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These fruits have particularly high levels of queritrin, a flavonoid, which researchers have found to be among the strongest anticancer agents discovered. Cherries are also rich in ellagic acid, a naturally occurring plant phenolic that has powerful anticancer properties. According to research, ellagic acid is the most effective cancer-fighting agent ever discovered. Perillyl alcohol (POH) is yet another cancer-preventing compound that cherries are abundant in. POH acts by limiting or completely eliminating cancer cells’ access to protein which is critical to their growth. So far, POH has proven to be effective in each and every cancer type that it has been tested against.
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Relief of Arthritis and Gout Bioflavonoids and anthocyanins are two highly potent compounds tart cherries contain. Both of them delay the action of Cyclo-oxygenase-1 and -2, enzymes associated with the development of arthritis and gout. Elimination of Oxidative Stress and Prevention of Premature Aging Cherries are abundant in two important flavonoids, isoqueritrin and the previously mentioned queritrin, both of which function as antioxidants working to eliminate oxidative stress byproducts. One result is a slowdown of the aging process. As Cure for Migraine Cherries are also a natural cure to migraine, thanks to the fruit’s high contents of anthocyanin and bioflavonoid which have anti-inflammatory properties. As a matter of fact, bioflavonoid and anthocyanin work the same way as ibuprofen and aspirin. Promoting Good Sleep Patterns There is overwhelming research proving that the antioxidant, melatonin, also found in cherries, helps in improving the body’s circadian rhythms. Therefore, it promotes good sleep. Since melatonin is easily absorbed by the body, cherries boost the antioxidant’s levels in the blood, thereby causing an improvement in sleep. How to Maximize the Health Benefits Offered by Cherries Eating cherries at summer is a real treat, but if you want to use the health benefits of cherries on a routine basis, start making red tart cherry juice concentrate part of your routine. Just like pomegranate and blueberry concentrates, cherry juice concentrate can give you a load of all-natural and delicious nutrition everyday. Note, however, that you could end up with too much sugar in your body when you have too much. But fighting this potential problem can be as simply as choosing a high-quality concentrate.