Drink The Tea That Combines Great Taste With Healthy Benefits

As people search for alternatives to their carbonated beverages, they are inclined to look towards the eastern world. This is noteworthy, because people from Asian nations have enjoyed a variety of healthy food and drinks throughout their history. The most famous of these is tea, which still maintains a global following. Consumers should be aware that there are several types of tea.

A tea most people are familiar with is black tea. Its leaves are picked at full maturity. Once fully dried, the once green leaves turn brown with age. Later these leaves are manufactured into the tea bags seen in supermarkets, restaurant and coffee cafes. Compared to other caffeinated beverages, black tea contains caffeine but in lower amounts.

White tea is produced from these same tea leaves, which are picked before they reach maturity. Light in color, they produce a tea that is almost clear and is higher in antioxidants than its dried counterpart. While this tea holds additional health advantages compared to black tea, its light taste does not occupy the same robust category as its more full-bodied cousin.

The final member of this trio is green tea. Ironically it is this version of tea that is not only recommended by nutritionists, but currently enjoying a new found popularity among tea drinkers worldwide. In particular, a version of this tea known as matcha tea is leading the pack when it comes to both nutrition and convenience.

Much of this has to do with the high nutritional value of green tea. Picked while they are ripe, the naturally green leaves of the tea plant are processed immediately. Unlike black tea that is first dried, the green leaves are used when at their peak. This allows the full nutritional value of the plant to be realized in the final product.

One type of green tea that is known for its fresh earthly taste and appearance in Japan is called by the name “match.” Fortunately for tea lovers everywhere, matcha Japanese green tea benefits far outweigh all other types of tea. It is additionally available online. Amazon.com sells this Japanese green tea many ways, including a powdered version. This green tea powder makes perfect hot and cold tea. It can also be added to shakes, smoothies and an assortment of recipes.