Eat Healthy With Hampton Creek

Ask most people what the mainstay of their diet is, and though they may think they’re eating fairly healthy, the mainstay of their diet most likely consists of sugar laden foods filled with dyes and trans-fats. Almost all prepared foods that can be purchased in the grocery stores are prepared with dangerous chemicals, additives and preservatives. The most difficult part to eating healthier is that these items are routinely put in foods, not because they are truly necessary, but because consumers have grown to expect them and accept them in the foods they eat. Sugar is added to everything from breads and prepared low fat salad dressings to pasta sauce and even whole grain crackers.

Fortunately, Hampton creek is a plant-based food technology company that offers a healthy alternative to many of the foods consumers eat on a daily basis. Their foods are based on plant proteins that allow consumers to eat healthfully yet conveniently. Their Just Mayo product uses Canadian Yellow Peas to replace the egg in the product producing a healthy version that is tasty and acceptable to vegans, as well as anyone trying to eat healthier. Aside from traditional mayonnaise flavor, the company also offers a variety of additional flavors such as srirachi, garlic and chipolte to add zest to a sandwich or dip.

When making an effort to eat healthy, cookies are usually off-limits, but now they don’t need to be. Hampton Creek has developed a cookie and cookie dough made without eggs or butter, making it cholesterol free. This makes the cookie an acceptable alternative to vegans and anyone watching cholesterol or traditional sugar, as Just Cookies and Just Cookie Dough uses a more healthful sorghum to sweeten their products instead of traditional sugar.

Additionally, the company is creating crackers, biscuits and even a variety of pastas and noodles, all made with plant proteins. Cakes, brownies and other dessert mixes, along with pancake mixes and ice creams are in the process of being produced, all without dyes, sugar, trans-fats or other potentially harmful additives. This leaves consumers with many additional choices when choosing to eat healthy, helping to avoid the damaging cycle of obesity, heart disease and diabetes all based on dangerous dietary choices made by the consumer.