Enjoy Your Red Wine Even More

Red wine aficionados know that to really enjoy a good glass of red, it is important to let the wine “breathe”, so it can soften the taste and release some of the tannins in the wine. This process also helps to enhance the various flavors that are present in the wine, so it can be enjoyed more fully. At home, some people choose to aerate their wine by pouring a glass and letting it sit briefly before consuming. However, this does not allow for full aeration of the wine. In wineries and restaurants, wine is poured through an aerator, which allows all the wine to properly breathe before being consumed.

What kind of tool will be able to help you do the same process at home and more fully enjoy your glass of wine? A red wine decanter is perfect for helping to release all the flavors of a good Merlot or Pinot. The VinoTru Professional Wine Aerator is a great tool for getting the full aroma and flavor of your favorite wine at home. This product uses a triple stage aeration process that allows for the best possible aeration in an at-home device. Many other products only aerate the wine a single time, limiting their effectiveness, but the VinoTru model maximizes flavor and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. If, for any reason, the device is not working properly, or you are otherwise unsatisfied, you can be refunded without a hassle.

Wine is a great addition to any gathering or meal, so you want it to taste its best. Red wines need to be aerated to fully release the flavors that are part of the profile of the wine, and an aerator or decanter is a great way to get that taste at home. With a decanter, anyone can enjoy a winery quality glass of wine without a trip to the vineyard. You will be amazed at the difference in the flavor once wine has been aerated. Whether you are looking for a new aeration device or looking to upgrade one you already own, the VinoTru models will leave you more than satisfied with your next glass of wine.