Finding Effective Substitutes for Eggs to Resolve an Unsustainable Increasing Demand

Some food producers are working hard to resolve expected problems with the food supply by creating plant-based foods that more effectively substitute for eggs and meat than what has been available in years past. Anyone who is interested in this goal might want to read Hampton Creek details today online and learn about this company and its products.

The chicken egg is a marvel for chefs, no matter whether they are professional or amateur, or whether they like cooking full gourmet dinners, light lunches or delicious breakfasts. The chicken egg is also extremely useful in baking and in creating sauces. Unfortunately, producing enough eggs to meet the demands of an ever-growing global population appears to be unsustainable, even if factory farms become larger and more prevalent. A problem with that strategy is that factory farming is characterized by inhumane treatment of the birds and a negative impact on the environment.

Chicken eggs taste good and add valuable protein to meals. They can be cooked in many different ways, bringing variety to breakfast no matter what time of day people like to eat this meal. They also are excellent at binding ingredients together in recipes. Think of how eggs are included in sauces to prevent oil and water from separating. To hold ingredients together, they are added to recipes such as lasagna, meat loaf and vegetarian loaves made of lentils, lima beans and other veggies. Eggs add fluff and lightness to baked goods such as angel food cake and banana bread.

Hampton Creek has succeeded at creating an egg-free sandwich spread that’s very much like mayonnaise as well as an egg-free chocolate chip cookie dough that tastes great and bakes up with a delightful texture. It’s released a line of new salad dressings as well, all with no egg or dairy content. The company knows it has work cut out for it in other types of food and is eager to take on new challenges. Its plant-based egg substitute, to be called Just Scramble, has been a work in process for a long time, but should be released soon. The team wants its egg-free products to satisfy consumers in general and not only people who don’t eat eggs for one reason or another.