Finding Products to Improve Health

More now than ever before, people are concerned with the products they consume. Most people realize and understand the direct correlation between food products and health. This has caused many to search for products that are organic, as well as those with health benefits. With the advent of the internet, many more people are able to research products and cultures to find the best options for good health. They can more easily discover the foods or beverages that are used in different countries and cultures to promote healthy living. More recently, Japan has been the focus of this search. The health and youthfulness of the Japanese people have pushed many to try products they use in daily life. One example of this is matcha tea.

Japanese matcha tea is a special type of green tea used in tea ceremonies. This tea is specially grown to ensure it is filled with more nutrients and flavor than traditional green teas. The green tea plants, used for matcha, are grown in shade for three weeks before harvest. The stems and veins of the leaves are then removed. The tea is then processed into a powder. This powder is used to make the tea that is consumed. Green tea, in general, has be proven to contain antioxidants and other benefits to health and energy. Matcha tea uses the entire leave and allows for more of these nutrients. In addition, the shade growth increases the amount of theanine and chlorophyll.

With increased theanine, the matcha tea can provide an energy boost that other teas do not. Adding caffeine to this tea can give a higher energy boost without the jittery feeling often found with coffee. It has also been shown to increase mental focus. The tea, itself, contains much of the antioxidants often found in green tea. Antioxidants have been proven to aid in many different health issues. Antioxidants have been show to prevent and repair different types of damage to body tissue. Unlike most green tea, matcha has a less bitter and more pleasing flavor. This is due to the removal of the stems and veins in processing. This allows for a pleasant method of aiding health.