Food For Patriots Explains How to Go About Building an Emergency Food Supply

Did you know that the United States experiences 50 natural disasters every year, on average? This information is taken from statistics gathered by FEMA. Sadly, research has shown that only one in ten Americans are prepared for any type of disaster, one in which they must rely on their own food supplies for a number of days. As everyone needs to eat, this should be of concern to any American who has yet to build their emergency food supply. Although one hopes they never find themselves in a crisis situation, it is always best to be prepared.

When choosing emergency food storage supplies, many factors need to be considered. Not only do you need to ensure you have foods that you like to eat, you also want to make certain you have a balanced diet. This includes everything from freeze dried meats and dairy products to MREs and desserts. Although you are likely in a crisis situation and won’t have many of the creature comforts you have become accustomed to, you can still have the foods you love if you choose your emergency food supplies carefully.

Budget also plays a role in building this food supply. If you find you are limited by how much you can afford to spend, start by buying a three day supply and then building from there. You may wish to buy a three day supply with every paycheck until you have enough to go a week without going to the grocery store and increasing the supply over time. Pay attention to expiration dates when doing so also as you’ll need to rotate your food in many cases to use it before it goes bad. What do you do if you feel this task is too overwhelming and/or time-consuming?

If you find you struggle to build a food supply, one that will take your family through an emergency situation, turn to Food for Patriots. This company offers pre-packaged kits which contain dehydrated, high-quality food, food which will help anyone survive a wide variety of disasters. Many options are offered, from a three day supply to a three month supply, and all are packed in lightweight totes that are secure and waterproof. With the help of this company, you’ll have an emergency food supply in a very short period of time.