Fun Things to Discover on the Facebook Page for Hampton Creek

When looking for the Facebook page for Hampton Creek, it’s fun when someone discovers that another FB friend has already given the page a ‘like’ with a thumbs up. That friend might be a vegan or an environmentalist, drawn to this company for its cruelty-free aspects or its focus on being environmentally friendly. This person might be someone with an egg allergy who was happy to find a delicious egg-free sandwich spread that could substitute for mayonnaise while tasting very much like the real deal. In addition to the regular flavor, the company offers chipotle and Sriracha versions.

As of March 2016, this particular page has nearly a quarter-million likes, and odds are that number will increase dramatically over the following months. The company has signed a deal with food service giant Compass Group, a British corporation that provides meals and ala carte items at cafeterias around the globe. Hampton Creek becomes the exclusive provider of salad dressings for Compass, which is a substantial step forward for this small business.

Consumers who want to buy Hampton Creek’s signature product, Just Mayo, can get coupons on the Facebook page. They also can find links for recipes that traditionally include animal products but are presented in vegan style. Vegan cooks who like to view recipe videos instead of reading instructions can find online videos for these items as well. People who no longer eat foods made with meat or animal-based ingredients are happy to find recipes for egg-free Hollandaise sauce and sweet mustard dip, along with vegan cream soups and faux-cheese sauce. The recipes are so delicious that even their non-vegan friends are impressed and become more willing to try other cruelty-free foods.

Fans of this company don’t have to stop at a cafeteria to try the salad dressings. Ranch and Italian dressings from the organization are already on shelves at major grocery retailers, with more to come later. The dressings feature an abundance of more natural ingredients than are typically found in commercial salad dressings from the big food manufacturers. That’s just one more appealing aspect that is allowing Hampton Creek to make a noteworthy impact in today’s competitive food marketplace.