Get the Benefits of Green Tea Without Drinking a Single Cup

Anyone wondering, what is matcha green tea powder has probably been hearing rumors of its amazing ability to improve health and beauty. The good news is that these rumors are actually true. There is a lot of nutritional benefits to matcha powder and even those who do not like to drink tea can enjoy this type of product.

Green tea has been known for decades to be a healthy drink. It is able to boost metabolism, improve digestion and is good for the heart. It is believed to prevent some types of cancer and may help to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease. What was also discovered was that the stems contained even more of the antioxidants that are found in the leaves, however these could not be used to create tea.

Instead leaves and stems were dried together and then turned into a fine powder. This powder has become the concentrated, rich powder that is now sweeping through the health world. Using this rich, fine powder in smoothies or baked goods makes it possible to enjoy a boosted amount of benefits that are found in the tea.

Matcha powder is versatile in how it can be used and it adds only a light amount of flavor despite its powerful effects. When used regularly, many have been able to lose weight, improve their skin tone and the condition of their hair. It is even believed the skin can be protected more from the sun when the powder is regularly consumed. Regular users boast of more energy and feeling better overall.

When purchasing the powder it is important to purchase pure, genuine matcha without any fillers or additives. Of course, like other health products, it should also be organically grown and processed. There are two grades of matcha powder, ceremonial and culinary. Ceremonial matcha has a light green color and is slightly finer in texture. This is the perfect option for those who want to use the powder to make tea or use as power shots. For those who are interested in adding the product to smoothies, lattes and in baked goods, culinary matcha is darker in color and typically less expensive.