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How Successful Magic and Illusion is Done When talking about magic and illusion, these are considered to be popular form of art for hundreds of years already. Another thing is that this had been a love and hate relationship. Audiences in fact love to be fooled, but they also don’t like to be fooled as well. Which is why a lot of people ask how could magic fool your mind when your senses say that your brain cannot be deceived? In the article below, you will be able to know some of the points about how it actually happens. One of these things would be with the fact that magic and illusion is all entirely about the element of surprise. You actually don’t know what is coming, which is the reason as to why when it suddenly arrives, it will mostly fool you. One example in this case is where you are sitting quietly in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start, and suddenly someone shouts, your instinct is going to turn around immediately and to find who shouted. This process is a natural reflex. Magic is actually a series of surprises which you could not help but to react instinctively. Any illusion that is well-choreographed is going to lead you to the process of belief and logic. Your brain will naturally fill in empty spots with the assumptions. Magicians who performs the effects will do their best so that they may be able to understand about the assumptions and will continue in allowing you to convince yourself about what you are really seeing is true and real. Best magic illusions in fact has a lot of ingredients, but this will be the thing that will give out an amazing effect which will fool not only the eyes, but likewise the brain.
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There is also the importance of attitude in every magic trick and magician, where this goes a long way to be able to help you feel at ease as well as to let you feel like there’s something that’s fishy going on. You may not be able to put your finger on about what really is making you feel this way because this can be something intangible, but you know that not everything is really what they seem. There is actually no necessity believe about the story which the magician is really telling. In order for a magician to be successful when it comes to fooling and illusions, the approach and attitude must be able to relay a sense of rationality.
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Magic is really not logical. This is a process that’s neat as well as in order. Both magician and the magic they perform mix things up. Any magician is ten steps ahead of you as well as with what you know at that moment.