Getting Enough Protein in Plant-Based Diets

There are many challenges facing anyone who wants to switch to a plant-based diet like veganism or vegetarianism. However, getting enough protein need not be one of those problems. Protein is found in variety of foods and not just in meat, milk and eggs.


Nuts and nut butters are packed with protein. They also are also filling. Those looking for an alternative to dairy milk can look no further than almond milk. Nuts also combine well with other foods like tofu, tempeh and as a salad topping.


Lentils are far more than just soup. With a food processor, they can be turned into dips and spreads. Combined with other ingredients like onions, spices and beans, lentils can make meatless hamburger patties or loafs. They can also be placed as toppings on rice or quinoa.


These grain-like seeds are good hot or cold. They also contain a whopping 8 grams of protein per cup. This is nearly the same amount of protein as in a cup of dairy milk. Some people like to eat them with honey and cinnamon for a hot breakfast. The body needs protein most after sleep.


Beans are more than just baked beans. Versatile and flavorful, the wide variety of beans at your supermarket offer a variety of options as protein sources by themselves and in combination with other protein sources like lentils and quinoa. Beans also contain carbohydrates and fiber. One cup of beans contains about 15 grams of protein.


There are also a wide variety of peas that can be used whole, blended to make hummus-like dips or placed in a food processor to make meatless burgers. Blended green peas can make a great pesto sauce. Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, can be substituted for chicken in many recipes. They are the main ingredient in falafel. They can also be fried and salted to make a savory snack.

Egg Substitutes

There are many ready-made food products that uses egg substitutes. Hampton Creek uses this “vegan egg” in most of their products. To find out more about this vegan egg, check at the source at Hampton Creek’s website and Facebook page.