Hampton Creek Addresses the Fundamental Problems With Industrialized Egg Production

Why does Hampton creek offer an egg-free sandwich spread as an alternative to mayonnaise? What’s the problem with eggs? For some people, it’s an allergy to eggs that means they must stay away from traditional mayonnaise. For others, it’s an ethical principle that animals aren’t on earth to be used for food and other utilitarian purposes. Hampton Creek’s chief executive officer acknowledges that the company’s products are vegan, meaning they don’t contain any animal products. However, he also notes that eggs from hens do not represent the fundamental problem the company wants to address.

Instead, it’s industrial agriculture that is causing environmental issues and is none too friendly to the animals in the system. The facilities emit relatively high amounts of greenhouses gases that are implicated in global warming. Chickens raised in hatcheries live in miserable conditions that people generally find appalling when faced with photos, videos and articles about the situation.

Consumers who don’t want to give up eggs might consider buying cartons from smaller-scale free-range producers. These eggs are available in most grocery stores, although they may cost twice as much or even more as the cheap industrial-farmed eggs. Depending on where someone lives, he or she may be able to buy locally produced eggs that are exceptionally fresh.

Hampton Creek’s CEO advocates for those choices, but explains that the smaller-scale production is probably not affordable for large commercial food manufacturers. That includes those that produce mayonnaise. Consumers wouldn’t like the higher prices and there also would be a need for much larger amounts of land. Factory farms now crowd hens into very small cages, and the facilities still take up a great deal of land. If the same number of hens were allowed to roam in fenced yards, a substantial amount of extra acreage would be required.

Developing more foods that don’t contain animal products is a solution to these problems. People can still eat eggs that they buy from more ethically inclined suppliers while being able to purchase egg-free mayonnaise and other processed food items that typically contain eggs. It’s an effective lifestyle modification that allows for convenience while being more conscious about food choices.