Hampton Creek and Its Surprising Success at Introducing Vegan Foods to the Mainstream Marketplace

Not long ago, most people probably couldn’t have imagine that a company producing vegan food items would begin having such a significant impact in the marketplace. They didn’t foresee the success of Hampton Creek, which has targeted eggs as a food item to be replaced with plant-based substances. The popularity of their Just Mayo sandwich spread and the contract they were awarded with food service supplier Compass Group have set this organization on an influential path in the world of commercial food.

Hampton Creek’s alternative to mayonnaise didn’t stall as a niche item on the shelves of natural food stores. Instead, it was picked up by some of the biggest grocery retailers and made inroads with sandwich suppliers such as the convenience store chain 7-Eleven. In 2016, the company is poised to release numerous new products, and the major grocery retailers are ready to put those items on the shelves. Salad dressing, muffin and cake mixes, and more flavors of the sandwich spread are in production.

It has been essential to the company’s success that it reaches the mainstream public and isn’t primarily embraced by vegans. Only about 1/2 percent of U.S. residents identify as vegan, and it’s difficult to know how many of them are stringent about their diets. Many people who call themselves vegan admit to eating animal-based foods on occasion or aren’t adamant about learning whether certain foods contain eggs or dairy products. They may not want to create an inconvenience at a restaurant, for example.

This is one reason that the producer of Just Mayo and other vegan foods chooses not to present the company as vegan. Instead, management emphasizes additional aspects such as environmental sustainability and healthier, more natural food. For example, using plant sources instead of eggs from chickens means less use of land and water. Company managers also realize that the foods they produce must taste at least as good as the ones consumers have been buying for years, or their efforts will fall short. The organization appears to be doing an admirable job with these goals, as their surprising success with large commercial enterprise indicates.