Hampton Creek Helps With Convenience Products During a Significant Lifestyle Diet Change

In some instances, reading an inspiring book about a vegetarian or vegan family can motivate someone to take the leap to this kind of lifestyle. This person may have always enjoyed preparing meals and baking desserts, and may feel a little lost without some of the ingredients commonly used. Even someone who doesn’t take the additional step and become vegan may want to quit supporting factory farms, which means not buying anything with eggs from those facilities. This person might want to read some info about Hampton Creek to learn more about this food producer’s philosophy and goals, and to find recipes featuring the company’s products.

Many cookbooks, including those focusing on vegetarian and vegan items, involve making meals entirely from scratch. That’s a worthy venture, but not everyone has the time to do this daily. They like to have some convenience foods they can include with their lunches and dinners. A combination of Hampton Creek’s egg-free Just Mayo sandwich spread and Just Ranch salad dressing can make a quick dip for veggies to be set out as an appetizer, or to have as a snack while watching a movie at home. A quick recipe found on the company’s Facebook page can provide the creamy sauce in a vegetable and rice casserole. When making sandwiches to take to work, Just Mayo can be spread on the bread in place of conventional mayonnaise.

Sometimes this person might want to make something with scrambled eggs but may have run out of the eggs he or she buys from a local supplier. Sure, eggs are available at the grocery store, but most of them come from factory farms. The cage-free and free-range eggs may cost two or three times as much. Instead of buying any of these items, this individual may choose to keep some of Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble in the refrigerator to use as needed. This plant-based egg substitute can be poured into a pan and cooked up just like scrambled eggs. Now, the stir-fry with fresh mushrooms, zucchini, yellow bell peppers and broccoli can include an ingredient that effectively swaps for eggs.