Hampton Creek Products and What Consumers Need to Know

People often head to Walmart when they don’t want to make multiple stops while out shopping. This store seems to have everything from medications to riding lawnmowers. Regardless of what a person is looking for, there’s a good chance it can be found here. Many are thrilled to find new Hampton Creek products in Walmart now too. This company, known for its line of Just Mayo and salad dressings, has expanded their offerings. Shoppers at Walmart will find they can now purchase products such as Just Muffins and Just Pancakes at this store.

This company strives to use technology as a way to produce food that is both healthier and cheaper and products that have a reduced impact on the environment. To achieve this goal, they pull proteins from various plants in order to determine which ones are suitable as a vegan replacement for eggs or another ingredient. Once a potential protein has been identified, the company then puts it through a testing process. This process is intended to determine if the protein provides the desired taste.

Hampton Creek states their research shows this means of producing a plant based product that resembles an egg in taste and texture is actually more cost effective than using conventional eggs. To track this research, the company opted to hire Google’s Dan Zigmond to create a database. With the help of this database, Hampton Creek will be able to share plant information with farmers with regards to beneficial crops. As a result, the food market will improve, as food choices will become healthier and more cost effective, and everyone will benefit.

When farmers learn about these crops, ones that allow them to generate cash while protecting the environment, they are able to support their families. Consumers win because they will be able to eat healthier, yet won’t spend a fortune to do so and small farm communities will thrive once again. Obviously, Walmart will benefit also, as it will be able to provide consumers with products they want and make a profit while do so. For these and numerous other reasons, every consumer should try a Hampton Creek product today.