Hampton Creek: What Happens When Experts Get Together to Make Better Foods

For centuries, the world’s food supply has been animal based. Although the system began as a necessity, it grew into a global multi-million dollar industry. Unfortunately, the huge enterprises use valuable land and water and produce toxic byproducts. That makes it unsustainable. In 2011, two businessmen named Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick noticed these problems and put their heads together to find solutions. The result was food technology business Hampton Creek.

An Idea Grew Into an Industry

Hampton Creek’s two founders started by investigating plants that could be used to create appealing, healthier versions of popular foods. They wanted to create products the public will buy because they enjoy them. With that in mind, they worked with outside researchers and developed an egg substitute using a pea protein. The cholesterol-free food was designed to act just like natural eggs. They named it Beyond Eggs. In short order, the two used the new product to develop Just Mayo, a food that was successfully marketed to the public. Soon the media was reporting new facts about Hampton Creek on a regular basis.

Progress That Is Built on Research

The vegan community applauded the new food technology, and the business world saw its potential. Hampton Creek expanded and hired food experts to help create a variety of healthy food substitutes that included Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. They are safe to eat raw since neither contains eggs. The young business also developed a huge database used to evaluate plants from all around the world. Researchers examine the potential of each as a cash crop and food source.

Shoppers Are Making Products Popular

The buying public soon verified that Hampton Creek’s owners were right about their hunch that shoppers wanted better food. The company’s first few products were such hits that Hampton Creek development teams went to work on as many as 40 new products. They have also widened distribution in an effort to provide consumers with as many healthy, affordable foods as possible. In the not-too-distant future, the business will be offering delicious dessert and breakfast mixes, a variety of salad dressings, and even healthier pancakes.

In 2011, the animal-based food system was upended by a business called Hampton Creek. The company has already created several plant-based alternatives to unhealthy products and plans to market many more.