Hampton Creek Wins the Trust of Vegans

Food production company Hampton Creek has always been unconventional, even with the release of their very first product. Just Mayo is a mayonnaise substitute that tastes great without containing any eggs, meaning that it is a wholly vegan food. Due to being a plant-based product, Just Mayo got the attention of vegans who were eager for a kind of mayonnaise that they could enjoy. It also offered the convenience of being available at the store so that vegans did not have to whip it up themselves from a recipe. All the new original products from the Hampton Creek team are following in the tradition of Just Mayo, showing that the company can be trusted by vegans.

The success of Hampton Creek’s mayonnaise substitute has allowed the company to continue experimenting with creating vegan products that are free of any animal products. Hampton Creek is famous in the food industry for having an extensive plant database that looks into all the potential uses for plant ingredients. This has led to the release of a variety of other innovative products, such as Just Cookies and cake mixes that contain no butter or eggs. One ingredient that Hampton Creek has started using is sorghum, which has a taste that is naturally sweet. The addition of sorghum to a recipe means that less sugar is needed.

As Hampton Creek’s research into unconventional uses of plant ingredients continues, they are likely to discover other breakthroughs. These will help vegan foods move even more into the mainstream of the food industry. Just Cookies, for example, is a dessert even those who are not vegans will be more than happy to try. Also, an increasing number of people are coming to realize that eating more plants instead of animal products is good for the environment. Even if they do not become vegans, they will be interested in buying more food that is made according to vegan guidelines. Because of this, Hampton Creek seems certain to stay successful and be able to keep bringing innovation to the food industry.

For vegans, Hampton Creek is an important name to keep in mind. The company offers many excellent products and is also helping to forward vegan ideas. Vegans hope that Hampton Creek will continue to change the food industry for the better.