Healthy Alternatives to Processed Foods

More and more people are making the decision to live healthier lives. A rather large part of that involves the foods people consume on a daily basis. People are more aware of processed foods and the many preservatives that are found in store bought items. Because of this, people are turning to products that include all natural ingredients. For instance, Hampton Creek’s Just Recipes is a concept that is centered around plant based ingredients to give the consumer a much healthier option when it comes to products bought at the store.

Many products consumers buy at the grocery stores are saturated with dyes, sugars, MSG, trans fats and many other complex ingredients that the average person cannot pronounce, let alone could distinguish what the ingredients actually are. With so many people on the go all the time, it is rather important to eat foods that are still healthy for us. Many people turn to pasta for dinner because of its convenience. However, regular pasta is far from being healthy. Fortunately, there are companies out there that are revolutionizing packaged foods. One such company worth mentioning is Hampton Creek. As stated above, The basis for this company is coming up with recipes that are centered around plants.

Such foods include mayo, cookie dough, mixes and dressings. The mixes include muffins, pancakes, brownies and cake. There recipes provide the consumer with the convenience of preparing food in as little time as possible without having to compromise on nutrition. Such recipes provide consumers with the ease of meal preparation, as well as being healthy for consumption. Many of the recipes, if not all, do not include butter or eggs. Because of this, the cookie dough is safe to eat right out of the jar!

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as one would think. Fortunately, there are alternatives to eating healthy on a busy schedule. Food consumption is a large part of a person’s health, as well as moderate exercise. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change and cannot be accomplished overnight. Take it day by day.