Helpful Information on Christian Cafe for Singles

Have you been looking for that special someone, but are finding it increasingly difficult to find one that shares your beliefs, values and goals? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people struggle in the dating scene because it can be so difficult to make true connections with others. Often, people end up giving up and feeling they are going to be alone for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, there is a site that making a difference for single Christians looking for love. Through Christian Cafe, you can find the one God intends for you.

Christian Cafe, like many other dating sites, allows you to join for free. You have ten whole days to try out the site and use every aspect. Unlike other dating sites, you do not have to enter any credit card information when you join. If you try the site for ten days and find you like it, you can decide on one of their many membership options. If you are wondering How much does christian cafe cost, read on for more information.

If you love the site and know you plan on sticking around for awhile, you can save the most money by purchasing a year plan. This will cost you $109.95, which averages out to only thirty cents a day. The lower your plan, the more you will pay per day. You can choose between memberships lasting as few as two weeks to those lasting up to six months. The payment plan is as follows:

Twelve Months is $109.95

Six Months is $79.95

Three Months is $49.95

One Month is $34.97

Two Weeks is $29.97

These plans help you to stay in control of the length of membership you want to commit to. If you are still not sure if the site is right for you, go for a two-week plan and keep using the site daily. You can choose to pay through credit card, Paypal, money order, check or through Western Union. If you have any questions or concerns about paying for your membership, the staff is available to help you and will guide you through the process.

Through Christian Cafe, you can meet that special someone or meet friends who will help support you in your walk with God. You will be amazed at what this site can bring to your life.