How Does Green Tea Help You Face Your Day?

While some people are blessed being able to rise with the sun and feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world, many are not so lucky. The average person has a difficult time rising from sleep each morning and often uses the snooze function on their alarm clock more than once. While some people head to the coffee pot to wake them up, this is not always the best idea. Though coffee will give a boost of caffeine, it can also cause jitteriness and energy crashes later in the day. Thankfully, there is a better solution for lasting energy in the form of Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha offers sustained energy for up to six hours without causing any shakiness or unwanted mood changes. Just like coffee, green tea offers caffeine which gives a natural energy increase. Matcha tea not only contains caffeine for increased energy, it also contains L-Theanine. L-Theanine helps to bridle the action of the caffeine so that it does not cause any shakiness and jitteriness. The L-Theanine in the green tea also produces a calming effect without making one sleepy. This is the perfect beverage to help a person get going in the morning so they can face their day with zeal instead of dread.

Those who are interested in letting go of their coffee habit would do well to replace it with beneficial green tea. Not only will this tea supply a person with the energy they need to face their day, it will also help to protect their body against the free radicals that would try and attack the healthy cells and cause cancerous growths. With a powerful level of antioxidants, green tea helps to keep the body healthy to prevent disease.

If you have been guzzling down coffee hour after hour only to find you need more to keep your energy levels going, why not try green tea. This special tea will dramatically improve your energy, drive, and motivation so getting up in the morning is not such a chore, but more of a pleasure. With a nice, delicious cup of green tea welcoming you, it will be much easier to avoid hitting snooze.