How Hampton Creek Married Delicious and Healthy

Most of us avoid many favorite foods to eat healthily. But what if we didn’t have to do that? Two environmentally conscious businessmen founded a food technology company in 2011 because they had the same question and wanted to do something about. The curious pair founded a company which creates plant-based foods that are good for the planet and the people who eat them. Bonus: Everything they offer is tested by chefs, to make sure it is delicious.

Two Simple Projects Launched a Business

The two food pioneers decided to begin by designing an affordable, delicious egg alternative that could be used like the real thing. Working with other professionals, they soon had a successful replacement based on a pea protein. They named it Beyond Eggs. The duo quickly went to work on a mayonnaise substitute that uses Beyond Eggs as a main ingredient. That led to Just Mayo, a popular cholesterol-free mayonnaise substitute. It wasn’t long before the public became eager to find out about Hampton Creek products.

Innovation and Genius Created Progress

Just Mayo was originally sold by Whole Foods, where it quickly became a hit. Hampton Creek soon began to expand, hiring top experts from many fields to form research and development teams. Their experts include food scientists and chefs, who help create delicious flavors. Together they created Just Cookie Dough and Just Cookies. By 2014, their products were available in Safeway, Costco, the Dollar Store and Kroger. Compass Group, a catering company, also began using Hampton Creek Foods in educational and industrial settings around the U.S. Technical experts designed a database that allows company founders to work on their mission of identifying plants that would make healthy foods and good cash crops for farmers everywhere.

Shoppers Are Enjoying the Benefits

The expansion of Hampton Creek includes the development of over 40 new products. The business has ongoing plans to supply the general public with healthy brownie, muffin, and pancake alternatives. They are working on cheese, meat, pasta, and even sugar substitutes.

Thanks to Hampton Creek’s research and development, shoppers can now buy several healthy alternatives to products like mayonnaise. The business is dedicated to the development as many plant-based, delicious products as possible. Company founders are also committed to identifying sustainable cash crops that can easily be turned into affordable, nutritious products.