How to Find Gay Friendly Businesses in any City

You want to make sure businesses won’t discriminate against you or your LGBTQ friends, but how will you be able to tell? Businesses have been trying to deny services to LGBTQ individuals on the basis of religious freedom. A business that is going to use their money and influence to discriminate against you does not deserve the money you worked hard for, but it’s difficult to know which businesses are gay friendly until you get a rude awakening from an employee or patron. As always, technology has a way of saving the day, another reason people feel lost without their phones.

Your phone is constantly using GPS signals to determine your location. Application developers have taken advantage of this technology to assist the user in finding local businesses near your current location. This can be applied to almost any scenario, such as searching for gay friendly businesses. You can use your current location to search for gay friendly businesses near you, or in another city quickly and with ease. It’s possible to read and write reviews about the businesses near you, so you can read about others’ experiences before you go in. If you got wonderful service, or bad service, let people know while it’s fresh in your mind. Great businesses appreciate positive feedback. Facebook integration allows you to check in at businesses and share instantly on Facebook to meet up with friends or let them know how great your experience was.

Especially when traveling to smaller cities in the country, safety and respect can be a concern. Use the free gayborhood app download to find gay friendly businesses near you. You may want to check out local restaurants and bars and night clubs, but want to make sure the environment is going to be welcoming for you. Lodging for same-sex couples, especially in small, family-owned establishments can sometimes be a guessing game; see which hotels near you are gay friendly. The app also offers information about services such as salons and spas, pet services, shopping, taxi services, real estate. attorneys, automobile repair and more. Integrated maps and one-touch phone calls make sure you never get lost again.

There’s always something fun and exciting going on, and the gay community is known for great parties. Stay connected and check out events, connect with people nearby, and find a great local shop for an afternoon cup of coffee in a safe and friendly environment.