Hunting for Completo Italiano via Valparaiso

Have you ever had this urge of specifically eating a certain food located hundreds of leagues away? That’s me! Are you too? If your answer is yes, you might love this story of me scouring Valparaiso, Chile just so I could get my hands on their famous Completo Italiano -an over the top hotdog delicacy of sorts. Of course I’m not that simple enough to visit a place just so I could eat a delicacy I know nothing about. I’m also going to provide info about the beautiful place based on my personal experience.

Traveling to Valparaiso is an exciting side-trip to the various main attractions of Chile. Upon arrival, people gave me a rather unusual impression but not unusual enough to worry about. Their eyes were glued to my DSLR and my other equipment. I asked one approachable local fellow and asked why the stares and told me with a struggle to find the words in English, “Sir, better be safe than sorry. We’d like to warn you to hide them because it might get stolen but doesn’t have the courage to approach you. So we’re gesturing just by looking at you.” I said, “Oh okay, sorry about that. Is it that dangerous here?” He said, “No. You just stand out too much.” After a friendly conversation while mildly asking where to eat Completo Italiano, we said our goodbyes.

Thanks to Matias (the fellow earlier), I hardly struggled in searching vendors/stalls selling the over the top hotdog. Just go to the market near the port and you’ll have a high chance of spotting them. I decided to walk and contemplate the stunning street art which is too wickedly handsome that I’ve spent an hour taking pictures of them despite the warnings of Matias. My bad, I just can’t help it. And at last I arrived to Mercado Cardonal -Valparaiso’s praiseworthy fresh market. Found the stall, specifically requested for an XL Completo Italiano and ate! The taste is glorious dominated by avocado’s tang and mystery meat overload. Mmm! Delicious!

After days of visiting Chile, I was surprised to find out that there’s a parade of these fantastic hotdogs in La Vega Central Market, Santiago. What! Anyway, I did enjoyed my time in the charismatic Valparaiso by visiting Plaza Matriz, La Sebastiana, Plaza Sotomayor, the panoramic port and a handful of museums.