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Expectations Of A Raw Vegan Diet Surely, you’ve already heard about the benefits and the consequences in engaging on vegan diet. Although everybody can react differently on a vegan diet, there are some common things that you can normally expect when you’re in a vegan lifestyle. Knowing what can possibly happen can tremendously help one out to prepare for a plan in increasing their chances in shifting to a vegan diet. The first transition to take is removing or lessening of animal based products in your diet. Ice cream, yogurt, cheese, or milk, or other dairy based products are a serious NO in raw vegan diet, if you’re used to eating them, this might be a big leap for you. One thing that can help is to look for alternative products that you would like as much. There are alternatives for dairy products and meat that have great nutritional content and have great taste too, these alternatives are grains, rice, hemp, coconuts, nuts, soy, beetroot hummus or even buckwheat granola. The next thing you are going to notice is that there seems to be a limited variety for this particular diet. Having the ability for us to pick out a certain food from so much varieties is such a thrilling experience, but when you start becoming a vegan, you are going to omit a huge variety of dishes that you are used to eating. For most people, this can be a frustrating thing to experience, but this is also the perfect time to explore your palate. For you to start things out smoothly, start with a specific kind of dish that you know you would like, and then prepare a version of it that is raw. Once you get the hang of eating such kinds of food, you will find yourself craving for those kinds of food (such as raw, whole food) more and more, then your cravings for bad junk food will slowly diminish until is disappears completely.
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You’re only getting yourself in trouble if you try to change everything at one time. Try to focus on one are at one time, for instance, try to omit dairy product from your meal first before eliminating meat. You can already start increasing your fruits and vegetables intake. This is one way of beginning slowly and making your new diet a success.
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You can expect that your transition to vegan diet can take up to several months. It took you quite some time to be on your current eating habits, then take your time to change your eating habits for the better. This is not about changing your diet drastically to lose weight. No matter how long it takes, this is all about changing your lifestyle for the long term. The most important thing is you made a choice, a choice to live healthier.