Improve Your Kidney and Liver Function With a Special Tea

While most people try to kill dandelions when they invade their lawn, these “weeds” are actually brimming with beneficial vitamins and minerals that can help to protect a person’s health. When dandelion is made into tea, it can be especially beneficial for the kidneys and liver.

Dandelion roots and leaves have been used for centuries by Native Americans to treat conditions of the liver and kidneys. They would take the leaves and roots of the plant and boil them in water. Those who were suffering from kidney and liver conditions would drink the dandelion tea. This helped to flush the toxins from these crucial organs in the body for better health and function.

When people use dandelion tea for kidney detox, the vitamins and minerals in the leaves and roots work as a diuretic. This means excess fluid in the body is decreased through the increased urination that begins occurring. Increased urination helps to reduce toxins in the kidneys and can flush out small stones that may be forming.

The liver is crucial for the digestive process and is an organ one cannot live without. It is crucial people take care of their liver by detoxifying it on a regular basis. The liver works to make bile which is sent to the gallbladder to aid in digestion. The liver also removes metals and toxins to protect the body. Unfortunately, these toxins and metals can begin to build up and cause health concerns.

Dandelion tea is the perfect detox beverage to help protect the health of the liver. It also works with the entire digestive system and calms the stomach when it is upset, often called “sour stomach”. Drinking this tea on a regular basis can help to protect the health of the kidneys, gallbladder, and liver.

If you have never heard of the many benefits dandelions can bring to your health, try a cup of delicious dandelion tea and see how it can benefit you. This special tea not only improves your health but also offers a delicious taste that is unlike any other tea. Boost your health and your immune system with this natural herbal tea.