Just Mayo Was Only the Start of Hampton Creek’s Healthy Food Choices Movement

People trying to find an Egg-free Mayo are sure to fall for Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo series of goods. This revolutionary product is produced utilizing a plant-based protein as opposed to eggs, which makes it perfect for those who are allergic to this very ingredient and those who happen to be vegan. The creation of this product necessitates less water than that of mayonnaise, and individuals struggling with high cholesterol may have their favorite sandwich spread again with no concern of the side effects. Even better, it tastes awesome, and people are unable to distinguish among it and the classic. Choose from 4 wonderful flavors: conventional, garlic, chipolte and also sriracha, and incorporate this product in a recipe for incredible outcomes. Unilever, the maker of Hellman’s, just lately sued this company, stating they could not name this product mayo, because it doesn’t include eggs, an ordinary component in mayonnaise in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, Unilever was unsatisfied with the image of an egg within the product packaging, because they stated it was actually a situation of false advertising. Luckily, this particular court case looks like it’s resolved now, plus Hampton Creek seems to have eliminated the picture of the egg on the labels, nevertheless the item is nonetheless exactly the same awesome spread individuals have fallen deeply in love with. Given that the Just Mayo and also Just Cookie Dough goods have been appreciated and also the business would like to provide consumers with increased means to access healthy, plant-based items, they’re now offering a whole new collection of items that will be available in Target and Walmart outlets. Included in these are products such as pancake mixes, sweet mixes, brownies and more. It is now time to lead a healthier way of living, take in much less sugar and appear as well as feel better, and Hampton Creek is definitely making it easy to accomplish this. If you wish to keep reading news from this page, look here for details. As soon as you examine this page’s info, you’ll definitely choose to examine each one of Hampton Creek’s products straight away. If you have yet to try out something supplied through this manufacturer, you need to do this right now. Visit your local big box outlet and take one home. Once you do so, you are certain to end up being addicted to the extraordinary essence of those extraordinary goods. Give them a try now or they could be out of stock.