Loving Again: Getting Your Ex Back

Anyone who wants to love one more time after their ex left them may feel pretty frustrated and depressed. This is a completely natural and normal way to feel, especially if the relationship was a big part of your life. While there is not a guaranteed way to make anyone return to your arms immediately, there are certainly some things that can make a big difference in regards to how your ex perceives the situation.

Perhaps the most important part of being able to love again is approaching the contact correctly. Hard though it may be, the best approach to contact is essentially a “less is best” method. This means that the less often contact is made with the ex, the more their interest is likely to be piqued. It might seem only natural to make those phone calls to the ex at the same time you used to every day. However, remember that your ex is also going through this adjustment. They will definitely notice if the phone calls suddenly stop, and this is only going to make them wonder what you are doing, whether you are thinking about them, and whether you even still care.

In addition to the reduced contact, it can be very helpful to start getting out more. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean going out with other potential romantic partners. If you’re not ready to start dating again yet, that is fine. Think about going out with friends more often. Something as simple as hitting the movie theater or going to a concert can make a huge difference in your demeanor. Your ex will notice this if they happen to see you out. Rest assured that even if they don’t happen to see you out and about, they will eventually hear about it from other people in your crowd.

Take some time to do some self care, as well. Just because there isn’t another person around to take care of you anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper and love yourself. Take time for a massage, a facial, or even just a long bubble bath. Listen to music you enjoy, pursue activities you love, and be sure to love yourself. Your ex will naturally follow!