Massage Therapy in Hong Kong: My Interview

Have you ever heard of Hong Kong Massage Services?  Have you ever had a tantric massage Hong Kong?  What about an outcall massage Hong Kong?  Have you ever visited Hong Kong or wanted to visit  These are all questions pertinent to my most recent voyage as a journalist for Travel Asia Magazine.  I was trying to find an Asian city that was big and popular and had a lot to offer.     I ended up talking to an old college friend who had done a lot of traveling throughout Asia as well as Europe and Africa.  He told me that the absolute best place to go in Asia is Hong Kong.  So here I am!  I was able to meet with a lot of different people–people who worked at hotels, restaurants, museums, shops and stores.  My favorite interview was with a girl named Alisa, who is a massage therapist.  Actually, she works for Hong Kong Massage Services as a tantric massage Hong Kong therapist and her friends work as outcall massage Hong Kong therapists.  They all love their jobs.   Alisa told me all about her work as a massage therapist.  She went through extensive training in the center of Hong Kong to do the great things she does today.  It was a few years of training, in fact.  Today, she earns a great living, going to different people’s homes and giving them different types of massages to suit their particular needs.  She gave me the most mind-blowing massage I have ever had.  Her hands floated all over my body and made me feel just excellent.  I have recommended Alisa to several of my journalist friends.   Tomorrow, I will be interviewing another massage therapist.  She and Alisa work together.  Alisa told me that she has had several different types of jobs while living in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong massage is her absolute favorite.  She never wants to change jobs now.  For free, for doing this interview with her, she gave me an additional tantric massage Hong Kong, and let me tell you, it was amazing!  I will never forget talking with the beautiful Alisa about her work in Hong Kong.