Matcha Green Tea Is High In Essential Antioxidants

Green tea is good for you. People in many parts of the world, particularly Asia and India, have known this for centuries. It took quite a while for scientists in Europe and America to catch up, but studies substantiate that green tea is a healthy beverage.

Green Tea is High in Antioxidants

Many scientific studies have investigated the health benefits of green tea and its antioxidant properties. Matcha green tea, made from a powder, is much higher in antioxidants than brewed green tea because it contains the entire tea leaf.

Everyone’s body is made up of atoms that form molecules. Free radicals are produced naturally by the metabolic functions, but they are unstable molecules that can cause harm. While the body requires a certain amount of free radicals, many people’s bodies produce many more than are needed.

An antioxidant molecule attaches itself to the free radical molecule, neutralizing it and preventing it from damaging the body. The stresses of daily life, smoking, drinking and environmental toxins all contribute to the production of too many free radicals; they are also believed to contribute to the aging process.

Where do Antioxidants Come From?

A diet rich in plant foods supplies a wide variety of antioxidants, but some foods, such as green tea, are especially rich in this vital nutrient. Many people actually get most of their antioxidants from coffee. There have been studies of the amount of antioxidants available from coffee vs. tea, but that’s a difficult comparison. It’s recommended that people drink no more than two cups of coffee daily. Tea is calming and can be consumed throughout the day.

All Teas are Not Alike

There are three types of teas: green, black and oolong; the differences are caused by how the teas are processed. Green teas are produced from unfermented leaves which contain the highest levels of polyphenols, powerful antioxidants. Traditional Indian and Chinese medical practices use green tea as a stimulant, a diuretic, an astringent and for improved heart health. They also use green tea to help regulate blood sugar and to aid in digestion. Green tea is also favored because it improves one’s mental processes.

Organic matcha green tea is up to 137 times higher in antioxidants than conventional brewed green tea. Find out for yourself how much healthier you’ll feel by drinking this prized powdered green tea. To learn more at Kiss Me Organics, visit their page on