Matcha Powder: A Delicious and Healthy Choice

People interested in the culinary, health, and flavor benefits of green tea should look at this from Kiss Me Organics. Matcha green tea powder is specially grown and is a mainstay in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Accordingly, the process has been perfected over centuries. Green tea meant for matcha is grown in the shade for the last three weeks prior to harvest. During processing, the stems and veins are removed to ensure the finest possible powder is produced.

What are the benefits of green tea powder? There have been many claims about its benefits to health over the centuries. Surprisingly, many of these claims have been backed up by science. Green tea originated in China. Leaves are harvested while the plant is young and has little oxidation. This ensures the tea’s nutritional benefits and signature green color. Before being steeped as tea, matcha powder has nearly 200 antioxidants. With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, it still has enough of a boost to help with focus, concentration, and energy, even as the work day is winding down.

Green tea contains a high level of flavanoids, catechins, and amino acids, all of which benefit the immune system. It has been proven to lower the bad forms of cholesterol in the blood. It can also reduce fasting blood sugar levels in diabetics. People who drink green tea daily are also better protected against certain types of cancers. Studies have also shown that daily consumption of green tea lowers the mortality rate, no matter the potential cause of death. Many people claim green tea has significantly helped them reach their weight loss goals.

What can matcha powder be used for? The culinary applications are nearly endless. As tea, it maintains many of its nutrients when steeped, because it is not filtered through a bag. It can be used to flavor hot or cold drinks. People can even make “green tea ice cream,” which has lately become quite fashionable in pan-Asian restaurants. It can be used to flavor anything from tempura, lattes, and smoothies to chocolate, candy, and cakes. With healthy benefits and a delicious taste, green tea powder should be a staple in the kitchen of any serious cook.