New Products Announced On Hampton Creek’s Facebook Page

Just Mayo, Just Cookies, and Just Cookie Dough are three egg-free products from Hampton Creek that offer a healthy and affordable alternative to other cookies and dressings on the grocery store shelves. By replacing animal-based ingredients like eggs and butter with ingredients made from plants, Hampton Creek hopes to show the world how everyday foods can be made in a better and more sustainable way.

Hampton Creek’s founders, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrik, were concerned about the high cost of animal farming, not only to the consumer but to the environment. To raise chickens for eggs, a farmer has to use land and water to grow corn to feed the chickens. The cost of the resources goes into the cost of the food for the consumer. Moreover, egg farming is harmful to the environment. Animal waste contaminates the nearby water supply and ammonia gas that is vented from hen houses pollutes the air. Eggs are such a common ingredient in the foods people eat every day; Balk and Tetrik believed that by inventing an effective plant-based egg substitute, they could have a positive impact on the health of people and environments around the globe.

Hampton Creek food scientists have catalogued hundreds of species of plants with the purpose of identifying molecules that will mimic the properties of eggs when combined with other ingredients in a recipe. Their first egg-substitute was made from the Canadian yellow pea, and that product is an ingredient in their eggless mayonnaise Just Mayo. Sorghum wheat replaces the egg in their cookies and cookie doughs. Sorghum is a crop that is particularly inexpensive to grow because it uses less water and nutrients than other grains. As they continue their research into plant properties, they plan to replace other potentially harmful ingredients like sugar, trans fats, dyes and MSG.

According to their Facebook page, Hampton Creek is expanding its product line to include Just Ranch, Just Coleslaw, Just Scramble, and Just Mix, along with new flavor varieties of Just Mayo and Just Cookie Dough. Their products are available in stores throughout the U.S., like Walmart and Costco, and in some international locations as well, like PARKnSHOP in Hong Kong.