No Contact to Get Your Ex Back: Does it Work?

A recent break up with your ex may have you wondering ” Should i use no contact to get my ex back?” Maybe you’ve heard that playing hardball might make your ex miss you more. Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question can go both ways.

There are pros and cons to no contract. Taking time some time away from your ex can give you the distance you need to work through your break up process. Some people believe this gives your ex time to rethink the decision.

If you ended the relationship you may be rethinking your decision; should you make contact or not? The best answer is not at first. Time is needed for you to take some time for yourself. During this hiatus you can review your reasons for breaking up with your ex. It will also give your ex time to ponder this as well.

Self Rediscovery

After a break up, emotions are active. You may feel like crying, followed by loneliness and then anger. Respect and encourage whatever it is you are feeling and give yourself time. Writing down how you are feeling is called journaling and it is an effective tool to help you sort through all of the feelings.

No Contact Means No Contact

For some, no contact might mean a little less contact. It’s understandable why you may want to see your ex sometimes but it may be too soon, especially if you haven’t taken some time to regroup. If the issue in the relationship was about how he or she treated you. You can benefit from giving yourself the attention you craved from your ex.

Execute Will Power

Love conquers all. So don’t panic if you don’t hear from your ex. Resist the urge to contact him or her during your self rediscovery time. This time away can make the relationship stronger. It will certainly give you the opportunity to rekindle a relationship with self.

Dealing with a break up is different for everyone. Maybe some of these suggestions can spark the right action step for getting your ex back. Whatever you decide to do don’t forget to take care of yourself first.