Numerous Ways to Include Matcha Green Tea in the Diet

Matcha green tea is known for its advantages for people who want to lose weight and excess fat. It also may increase alertness, concentration and focus. This combination of benefits for the mind and body make it an excellent addition to the diet. People who want to try matcha green tea for focusing might begin adding the powder to smoothies or lattes a week before they want to test the effect. That test might involve studying for an exam, beginning an intensive project at work, or starting to prepare for a competition.

When buying matcha green tea powder from a company such as Kiss Me Organics, the consumer should understand that this product doesn’t contain leaf tea to put in a strainer or a tea ball. Instead, the leaves have been ground into powder, which is meant to be blended with other beverages or even included in baking muffins or similar foods. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who don’t care much for the flavor of green tea, which can be a bit heavy for the Western palate. Blended into other drinks and foods, the flavor is more subdued and people come to appreciate it more readily.

Consuming matcha tea this way allows people to acquire a larger amount of healthy antioxidants and amino acids that are beneficial for health. As the body is better able to clear away toxins with a boost in antioxidants, a person feels less sluggish and fatigued, and instead has more physical and mental energy. Mental clarity increases. An individual now may discover that studying for a few hours comes easily, whereas not that long ago, trying to concentrate on academic or occupational material was difficult after a relatively short time.

Creative people will enjoy using the green tea powder in a variety of concoctions. If they like herbal tea, they can add some to that beverage. The powder can be included in salad dressings or added to salsa. It can be an ingredient in a lime-ginger sauce to pour over fresh broiled fish. There are numerous ways people can add the powder to their diet on a daily basis and feel the healthy effects.