Patricia is a Rambunctious Inclusion to Whatever Twitter is Supposed to Be Now

Patricia Hayes is a perfect embodiment of the web culture. She has not known a time where the internet was not a thing. She is smack middle in the generation of people who are defining what the Internet is probably going to end up being. Will it be a seismic otherworldly force connected to a Terminator-like time machine that will eventually ruin us all, or is it more a glorified distraction that will just become a sobering window into life?

It could go either way, and Hayes seems to know that. This is why her Twitter feed is filled with pop culture and political culture. When the controversy around George Osborne surfaced, many people did not particularly care. Another politician with shady men and women in his pocket? It was not a newsflash. Hayes did not let them cynicism eat away at her soul. She shared a post about Osborne and his financial leverage, and it helped contribute to the scattered talk. She also managed to share about the new Batman vs. Superman trailer from Comic-Con, so not all is very political here. The winner is obviously Superman. He is a super powerful alien, after all.

Hayes seems both fascinated and disgusted by modern culture. She nonchalantly shares an update about three people being fatally shot in a Baltimore campus, specifically the University of Maryland. She breaks the feed up with a monster truck hanging over a bridge. Wait, what?

Patricia on twitter is really a lot of fun to follow. She seems to lack any kind of filter for sharing and talking about what is going on in the world. Is she annoying people with her obvious slanted political retweets? Probably, but she hardly seems to care. She is eager to contribute the political lexicon while also sharing arguments for why batman should realistically stand a chance. Is Jesse Eisenberg a logical Lex Luther? Is the new “Star Wars” going to be terrible? Reach out to Patricia through her Twitter page and join in the fun of whatever is happening right now, and what will happen in the next 30 minutes.