Practical and Helpful Tips: Souvenirs

Tips for Finding the Best Travel Souvenirs Like most travelers out there, you probably can’t leave a place you’ve visited without picking up a few souvenirs. Souvenirs are all about taste. What you may find cute may look tacky to another. In other words, universal souvenirs do not exist. But of course, it’s always possible to spend wisely, and that is by getting items that are both practical and wonderful reminders of your trip. First things first, you need to stay away from tourist traps. You want to support small, local businesses rather than huge corporations. Besides that, you will have a richer cultural experience when you actually purchase from a person who lives right where you’re visiting. Many tourist shops sell the same products, but more often, they are made and shipped from somewhere else. Go unique, personal, and again, local. Any seasoned traveler will tell you that the best and most meaningful memorabilia don’t come from those cookie-cutter tourist shops. In fact, the best piece won’t probably even be classified as a traditional souvenir. It could be a towel on which the name of the charming local hotel you stayed in is printed, or a coaster with the name of a locally produced beverage. If something gives you a strong memory, thought, or feeling of that place, then pack it away and make it your organic souvenir – with the owner’s permission, of course.
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Of course, as a traveler, you know that practicality in terms of your luggage space is not only desirable but necessary. If you’re going to add to the weight you have to carry around on your way home, it better be justifiable. As you decide on various kinds of souvenirs, consider if the pieces are fragile, and if keeping them from breaking during the trip is going to be worth the effort.
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Size will have a role too. You may be so impressed by a framed art work that you want to take it home, but check if there’s an option to leave the frame so you can save on space and cost. Another space-saving idea is to collect postcards from all the places you’ve visited. Or save even more space by mailing them to your home address. Also, don’t forget to take practical issues into account when buying souvenirs. Instead of getting a trinket that will probably just gather dust on your dresser, get something useful, such as jewelry, a scarf you can use and show off, or a handmade bag. Whenever you grab that necklace, you’ll be traveling back to those great times you had in that town or city where you got it. Bottom line, you just want to have a few things to remind you of those great places you’ve visited. And they don’t have to be bought from the store.