Purchase Solid Copper Mugs For Authentic Moscow Mules

Bartenders who want to offer their clients authentic drinks should focus not only on the ingredients inside the beverage, but also on the container that the beverage is being served in. Some drinks require special types of cups or glasses in order for them to taste authentic. The Moscow mule, a drink originating in the United States, is one example of a drink that requires specific serving for the right taste.

A Moscow mule is a cocktail. The drink is made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. Most bartenders will serve this drink up with a lime wedge on the edge of the cup. Occasionally, bartenders will substitute the ginger beer with ginger ale. Some people are skeptical about this decision where as other enthusiasts enjoy adding both to their drink. This decision is entirely up to the bartender. Most bartenders who make Moscow mules don’t mind using ale or beer as long as the ginger taste is present inside the drink.

The drink is generally served in a copper mug, and the copper mug has become a integral part of the drink. Bartenders who want to serve Moscow mules at their bar will need to stock up on Solid Copper Mugs and keep them readily available for customers. The mugs absolutely need to be solid. Bartenders should be on the look out for mugs that have been advertised as copper mugs but are really just lined with copper.

The copper is an essential component of the beverage, because the lime juice reacts to the copper giving the Moscow mule a unique and authentic taste. Bartenders who aren’t too picky about their selection of ginger ale or ginger beer should always use quality vodka and real lime juice. The lime juice and copper reaction in the drink is a crucial element to the drinks overall success and pleasing aesthetic.

Bartenders will need to be cautious when purchasing copper mugs, because many are not created from just copper material. Lined copper mugs will generally contain other metals, such as tin or nickel. These metals do not react with the lime and are therefore pointless. Solid mugs with 100% copper are the best option for bartenders serving Moscow mules.