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Silicon Basting Brush – A Great Alternative when Barbecuing Burgers Since the introduction of silicon kitchen products in 2004, they have become more and more popular among the avid cook and the many housewives who love to prepare food for their family. It is usual among the new products to turn out to be a fad and are commonly gobbled up by the eager customers. However, most of them will only find out that what the manufacturers have promised was actually not met. This is not the case with regards to many silicone products since they have provided chefs and fine cook with a great advantage specifically in the silicone basting brush. Compared to traditional basting brushes, it has a number of benefits that could help you prepare the best food that you can offer to your happy eaters. Once you have a silicon basting brush, you will see that the handle is long enough as this is essential for its many intended uses and for the comfort of using it. This is the same with most silicone basting brushes and the traditional basting brushes. However, the difference will be in the characteristics of the material, silicone, from which the tools are made. Because silicone is a great insulator, it is a high heat resistant material and also does not transfer heat. It will not behave in a bad way and will not melt despite being in the heat for longer period of times especially with normal cooking temperatures and activities. It is also viewed as a fairly inert material so it does not stain or retain odors after washing.
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Compared to traditional basting brushes, silicon basting brushes are a better choice because of being heat tolerant and are easy to clean. The bristles are created from silicone, which are not sensitive to heat and can come in contact with high heat even for longer time. Cleaning is way too easy as sauces and liquids do not seep into easily between the bristles and the handle, which makes cleanup less difficult. Silicone is a solid yet fairly flexible material so it is harder for the brush to fray or lose its shape. You can simply place the brushes into the dishwasher but take extra care when you clean them in the sink to steer clear of being damages by sharp objects. Be sure to select a model with long, comfortable and balanced handles together with a removable brush head.
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Silicon basing brush is an ideal kitchen utensil especially when using the oven or stove hot plates. It is a useful tool for men who loves barbecue or to grill as it is not quite indestructible when basting meat. This brush is often preferred compared to conventional brushes because it does not stain, retain odors, melt, or shed or fray despite longer use, and cleanse up easily in the dishwasher.