Saving Money on the Paleo Diet with an Eatology Coupon

Every few years, a new diet comes along that is supposed to be the latest and greatest way to lose weight. While many people believe the hype and try these diets, others are reverting back to a type of diet that is based on the foods people ate 25 to 50 thousand years ago. This is what is known as the Paleo diet. The idea is to eat the same foods the cavemen ate, which were high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It is also referred to as the caveman diet and the Stone Age diet, as well as the hunter-gatherer diet.

The Paleo diet uses foods that are similar to what ancient humans used to eat. This excludes grains, legumes, and other agricultural products, which aren’t edible until they have been cooked. It includes foods that can be eaten in their natural state. Grains and other foods were not part of the diets of ancient people and are not always easily digested by the human body.

The main foods allowed in the Paleo diet are meats, in particular seafood, lean meats, and organ meats  like kidneys and liver. Raw vegetables are also included in this diet, such as carrots and other root vegetables, excluding potatoes because they are high in carbohydrates, and many types of nuts, including walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts. Peanuts and cashews are not included in this diet. Most fruits, berries in particular, are a vital part of the Paleo diet.

This is not a fad diet or one that is meant to be temporary just so people can lose a few pounds. This is a lifestyle diet, and one that can keep people healthy for their entire lives. There are even claims that it can prevent a number of health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others. It helps people get to their ideal weights, and be able to easily maintain those weights.

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