Signs That Your Ex Is Missing You

After a breakup, you might find yourself missing your partner. You might be curious about his thoughts and feelings about you, or you hope that he will have an interest in rekindling the relationship. At some point, it is natural to wonder, “Does my ex miss me?” To answer this question, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • He is calling or texting you constantly. If he is calling just to say “Hi” several times a week, or texting you to let you know he saw or heard something that reminded him of you, he might be missing you. It is normal to chat with an ex every so often, but when you have the same level of communication as you did when you were dating, it could indicate that he is wishing you were around.
  • He has a more-than-friends demeanor toward you when you see each other in person. If he is overly warm and friendly, and greets you with a smile and a lingering hug, it could mean that he is still feeling something for you. Also make note of any other physical contact, such as touching your arm when he is talking to you, or brushing your hair out of your face. These types of gestures are signs that he wants to remain close with you.
  • You are running into him all the time. If you always seem to be bumping into him at places like restaurants, bars, and social gatherings that he normally does not frequent, it may not be a coincidence. It is likely that he is going to places where he knows you will be in hopes of seeing you and getting to talk to you.

Remember that there is a difference between missing you and being obsessed and dangerous. If you are receiving uncomfortable, threatening messages or if he is showing up at your home or place of work when you have asked him not to, you should not engage with him further. Also keep in mind that just because he misses you, it does not mean the relationship is meant to be. It is important to recall why you broke up and to consider that when you think about getting back together. If you think he misses you and you feel that the relationship could work out, arrange to talk to him and see if he is in the same place.