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Five Facts about Limos Although there is a big difference between the old and the modern limousines, they have been around longer than a century. Naturally, there is a lot of history there. I have collected a few fun facts about the popular vehicle that I hope you find as interesting as I did. The Driver was Left Out in the Cold with Early Model Limos. Modern limousine drivers sit in the car with the people they are driving, although they are often divided by a partition. However, it wasn’t always that way. When the first limousines were assembled in 1902, the driver actually sat outside of the car.
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The fact that passengers are offered privacy while they are being chauffeured around is what turns a vehicle into a limousine. Back then, they couldn’t just flip a switch to put up the partition or even play the radio for a little background noise. So, they did what they could do to give riders privacy and that meant sticking the driver outside of the car. I would hate to be a limousine driver during the winter months back then.
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The Etymology of the Word Limousine Privacy was not only important when it came to the passenger and the drivers but the public as well. The first limos had curtains that hid passenger as they were driven down the road. In France there is a town called Limousin. Shepherds there are known for wearing a cloak that completely covers them. It is believed that the name limousine is in reference to the way people are cloaked when riding in one. First to Get AC Because limousines are luxury automobiles, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they were the first automobiles to have air conditioning installed in them. The first air conditioning system was placed in a limousine in 1939. You probably guessed that those early air conditioners were not as nice as the ones we have today. They took up all the space in the trunk where they were installed. They were extremely energy inefficient. And regulating the temperature was also very hard. It took over 20 years after the first limousine with air conditioning hit the streets for cars to get regularly be outfitted with air conditioning. The Limo that Set a World Record The longest limo on record is a hundred feet long. A 1997 Lincoln holds that record. At first it was not met to be driven; only meant to advertise. But people of course wanted to ride in it once it was unveiled. This limo has everything: including a hot tub.