Start Drinking Green Tea and Lose Weight Faster Than Ever Before

Green tea contains a host of beneficial ingredients that can help people to protect their health and give them greater energy and vitality. Many studies have recently been carried out on green tea and the benefits it offers for weight loss. People have been told to drink green tea so they can increase their metabolism, but there is more information people need to be aware of so they can make an informed decision.

Though green tea is known to help with weight loss when people learn about matcha they are amazed it can offer even greater benefits. Matcha is a type of green tea that is grown in Japan. From the moment it is planted, it is carefully shielded and protected to help ensure it can hold on to its beneficial properties. This type of tea contains as many as 137x the amount of antioxidants in regular green tea.

According to health experts, a person should plan on drinking at least two cups of green tea a day. Green tea contains properties that allow the thermogenic process of the body to be increased. The thermogenic process occurs as the body is digesting food. The energy it takes to digest the food helps a person to burn calories and fat. When this process is increased, it helps a person to lose five percent more weight than they would with diet and exercise alone.

When a person eats a healthy diet and exercises while drinking green tea daily, they can see a greater weight loss amount that could equal as much as seven pounds lost in a single year simply by drinking tea. With its delicious flavor, matcha can be enjoyed in a hot cup of tea, a latte or even in a smoothie.

If you are ready to increase your weight loss potential, try drinking matcha green tea on a regular basis. Replace calorie-laden sodas and other drinks with this special tea and see how it can change the results you get when you step on the scales. You will love the boost of energy this tea can give you and you will find it brightens your day with a unique flavor.