The 5 Archetypes of landing a Girl in This Honest Tao of Badass Review

There are hundreds of thousands of books written about women and how men should act to land that perfect girl, but the Tao of Badass seems to be one of the most universally accepted ones. It speaks on the truths of modern dating and does not shy away from the conventions as well as the very fresh new things that occur every day in the dating world.

Every man seems to want to portray an exaggerated form of himself in getting to know a girl. The real parts of them will bleed through every single time, though it could take a few weeks. To really come across as sincere and confident, a man needs to embody these highly desirable archetypes. A man cannot force himself to be confident, for it needs to just come naturally.

What are the five main archetypes of a desirable man? The Honest Tao of Badass Review covers a lot of content, but the book stresses a few things in particular.

Confidence: It seems so obvious, but it is so important it needs to be repeated again. Confidence is everything. Transparency: A man should be willing to answer a lot of questions and do it with confidence and seriousness where appropriate. There is value in a man being a bit mysterious, but too much, and it backfires. Assertive: This is an often abused part of being a great guy because people often mistake assertiveness for forcefulness or cockiness. It really means not being indecisive, and it directly plays off this idea of confidence. Respect: Even when she may not deserve it, and even when she is clearly not being respectful to the man, it is wise to always have an air of respect. This does not mean rolling over and taking anything. If a man wants to land a date, he must be respectful of a woman’s time, life, and interests. Observant: That little piece of information she randomly dropped last week at the bar could become extremely powerful when you happen to send her favorite chocolates to her work.

The Tao of Badass asserts the above values and many others in making women flock to men and having them attracted.